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The Last Story - Nintendo Wii


Game Name: The Last Story

Release Date: August 27, 2012

The Platform: Wii

Published by: Xseed Games

Developer: Xseed Games

Genre: RPG

Localization: English

Publication Type: License

File Size: 8.18 GB

Image Format: ISO

Rated PEGI: 16 +

Rating ESRB: T

The ambitious role-playing game that takes place in a shopping district of Helms, who hardly affected in a devastating war that had devastated the continent. Events The Last Story takes place in a fantasy world. In the center of the game's plot is a group of mercenaries who are looking for work. Unlike most Japanese RPG, turn-based organizations adhering battles in The Last Story battles take place entirely in real time. Another feature of the game is the ability to escape from enemy attacks in various shelters. This feature is common in modern shooters, role-playing games but it has not been used before.


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