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Dragon’s Dogma (PS3)


Name game: Dragon's Dogma

Release date: 23 May 2012 Year





Location: Englisch, German, French, Spanish, Italian

Type of publication: License,

File size: 8.10 GB

PEGI Rating: 18 +

ESRB Rating: M

SPES to go in neobyknovennyj, volšebnyj peace with Svoimi zakonami and pravilami. Together with three sputnikami you okažitesʹ in pregnant neobyčajno uvlekatelʹnom and dangerous journey. Your task - find a beat-krovožadnogo dragon!

Your satellites prisposablivaûtsâ to your style boa. Polučiv experience in protsesse sovmestnyh Action, They will be much better sražatʹsâ showing perenâtye in your abilities and Skills. Dragons Dogma for PS3 bezgraničnye offers possibilities for development and Improving the Warriors in team player. Pomimo of this, the network via the PlayStation Network, you can pomenâtʹsâ your voinami with other igrokami.

Skill and craftsmanship.

Over igroj Rabotau advertisement takih giants as Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 4

Kings and sand.

Unikalnaa command system interaction - You control glavnym characters and vtorostepennye okazyvaût you support, you obučaâsʹ the tactics and style of boa.

Vzaimovygodnoe partnership.

Pomenâvšisʹ Svoimi virtualʹnymi bojcami with friends and igrokami in PlayStation Network, Themes will be applied to get access to New Items and knowledge about the world Dragons Dogma.

Size has a value.

In the game prosčitana Each item and meločʹ - Weight dospehov and Weapons, Material, Equipment, EVEN length term Hero - every parameter igraet important role in the Battles walk. TAKEN every decision and choice, sdelannyj glavnym Gero, povliâût the fiction process.

In the holy sun and Moon.

In Dragons Dogma for PS3 occurs shifts day and night. And by this smeny depend Gameplay - High or night you'll meet opponents, kotoryh was not another time in confluence, kvesty get unique, find objects Equipment.

People and the Beast.

We travel, you'll meet thousands unique sozdanija - Goblins, Gryphon, EVEN minotavrov and Dragons. Poobŝaetesʹ with sotnej personažej-people. For Kazdomu opponent and the other necessarily find your approach.

Dalʹnie stranstvii.

Modern dvižok MT Framework vydaet nepovtorimuû the impressive quality graphics and Special Effects. Giant, to meločej prorabotannyj peace Dragons Dogma for PS3 - Istinnoe razdolʹe for any adventure finder, traveler and Explorers.









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