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StarCraft II - Heart of the Swarm (PC)


Name game: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Release Date: March 23, 2013

Platform: PC

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Genre: Strategy

Localization: English

Publication Type: License

File Size: 8.08 GB

Image Format: ISO

Rated PEGI: 16 +

Rating ESRB: T

In the Heart of the Swarm is the continuation of the storyline "StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty". Sarah Kerrigan decided to revive the Roy and revenge Arcturus Mengsk. Throughout the story campaign, players will follow Kerrigan across the galaxy in search of unusual varieties of zerg that can replenish its army.

Do not be without innovations and multiplayer mode - the card series StarCraft. Numerous improvements are designed to make the game even brighter and more interesting.


A new story Company "StarCraft II: Heard of the Swarm", consisting of 20 missions, devoted entirely to the zerg. You will continue the story of Sarah Kerrigan and the story of how the mistress of Roy - the mighty Queen of Blades - go on a crusade across the galaxy, the main purpose of which will be revenge Arcturus Mengsk.

With each new mission might Kerrigan will grow, and players will be able to choose for her new abilities.

In multiplayer mode, Heart of the Swarm will have new combat units - "Gellitrony" Terran, Zerg and roeviki "Hurricanes" Protoss. Existing combat units will be added to new opportunities.

The game will be a number of new features: the system of clans and groups; unrated duels, "International Access" to play with users from any region, an expanded menu of statistics, an improved user interface, a perfect reproduction of the physical realities of the battlefield, the ability to watch the network fights to record together with friends, and the system levels, allows you to receive additional rewards.


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