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Resident Evil-Operation Raccoon City (XBOX 360)


Name game: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Release date: 20 March 2012

XBOX 360

Region: Europe PAL, NTSC America


Slant Six


Location: Englisch, Russian, German

Type of publication: License,

File size: 6.66 GB

Firmware: LT 2.0

Image format: ISO (XGD2)

PEGI Rating: 18 +

ESRB Rating: M

This occured in sentbâre 1998. Neprimetnyj town Raccoon City proslavilsâ slučivšejsâ here smertelʹnogo FLASH T-virus, razrabotannogo in the heart of Umbrella corporations. Imenââ necessity Remove yourself from wine Umrella sends them in Raccoon City Elitnye subdivisions, were Kotoryi must destroy all proof vozniknoveniya viruses, including živyh and all creatures. Meanwhile, the United States Government have performed in the city quarantine and made way Svou élitnuû command all kotoroje definition source is the flash. You - Umbrella Security Services soldier (USS), playing independently, Libo in cooperatives up to four, you izučatʹ Racoon City. You expect return monsters Original Resident Evil games, other attractions such as the Department policejskij Racoon City. Will return and favorite personažej - including and León. Kennedy, whom you are you have to ustranitʹ.


<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>.......::: LETITBIT :::.......<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>



<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>.......::: VIP-FILE :::.......<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>



<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>.......::: SHAREFLARE :::.......<<<<<<<<>>>>>>


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