29 Temmuz 2013 Pazartesi

FIFA Street (XBOX 360)


The game is somewhat different from appearing in last year's FIFA 12. Instead of the usual football stadium, following all the rules, you are waiting for a quick street matches with tricks, combinations and showing off to the camera. And the game will be little ho-teams of 5-6 people. Even the arena to match what is happening: the streets of Amsterdam, the beaches of Rio ... Promised 120 teams and 35 sites. Selecting vending team, you will be able to compete not only alone but also in multiplayer mode.

The game will be a lot of different modes for themselves fans of different simulators. If you want to create your own team and become a star of the world scale, it is for you World Tour mode. In this mode you will be able to learn new feints and procure for his own team all the necessary equipment. If you and a friend had a disagreement over the best team, play one-on-one and find out what it is.

Especially for fans of tasks and quests, there is a special mode in the game Street game. Overcome 20 challenging tests and earn for his team's new star. And now the main thing: if you do not like the rules of football, you can easily change them. FIFA Street provides such an opportunity.







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