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Spider-Man - Shattered Dimensions (XBOX 360)


Game Name: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Release Date: August 30, 2010

Platform: XBOX 360


Publisher: Activision

Developer: Beenox

Genre: Action, Adventure

Localization: English

Publication Type: License

File Size: 6.19 GB

Firmware: LT + 1.9

Image Format: ISO (XGD2)

Rated PEGI: 12 +

Rating ESRB: T

During a battle between Spider-Man and Mysterio (Mysterio) great artifact, the Tablet of order and chaos (Tablet of Order and Chaos), has been split into multiple parts. This caused disasters and unrest in a number of parallel universes of Marvel. And then Madame Web (Madame Web) - a mutant, possessing vast telepathic abilities - called to him four different incarnations of Spider-Man from different realities, and requested them to restore balance, artefacts again.

The game takes place in four different worlds: Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099 and Ultimate Spider-Man. In each of them you will have to play the role of Spider-Man of the era and the fight against powerful opponents in order to get the fragments of a mysterious artifact. Properly applied supernatural abilities of each of the Spiders will help you overcome the huge space, defeat all the enemies and finally come together in a decisive battle with a key opponent of every part of the game.

In Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions will play as Spider-Man from 4 different measurements.

Noir. This universe where Spider-Man is a resident of New York of the 1930s. The country is on the brink of economic crisis, and it is charged with criminal authorities. The world itself is made in dark colors. Gameplay for this character is a stealth-action. The main villain - Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)

2099. This is the world of the future. Miguel O'Hara, who became Spider-Man, not only can climb walls and let the web, but also fly.

Ultimate Spider-Man. In the world of Peter Parker is always in a suit symbiont.

Amazing Spider-Man. This is normal, all the familiar Spider-Man, the world is done in a cartoon style, with the help of cell-shading.


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