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Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom (XBOX 360)


Name game: Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom

Release date: 25 November 2010 Year

XBOX 360

Region: PAL Europe

Namco Bandai Games

Developer: Game Republic


Location: Englisch, Russian, German

Type of publication: License,

File size: 6.97 GB

Firmware: LT + 1.9

Image format: ISO (XGD2)

PEGI Rating: 12 +

ESRB Rating: T

When the Junior-warrior and moguŝestvennoe creature, poslannoe god, obʺedinili small parcels vražduûŝie Duchy. Tak poâvilosʹ Edinoe Kingdom. Dolgie years of it blossomed, and Wise Smelý monarchs made them, and science and technology reached nebyvalogo Lifting and serve his people. But one night black brass poglotila Happy Kingdom and okutala his dark land. LIS Few People Sumela spastisʹ. Bessmertniy Warriors darkness stopped hozâevami these places.

Tak was to teh por, until one young proskolʹznul nezamečennym node not in the palace, where by pure chance met with the splendor of Mazzini. With this minute Zabytoe Kingdom, in the week in Centennial pogružennoe Gloomy Bezmolvie, Start prosypatʹsâ ...

We travel the Nekogda procvetavšemu alone, where vlastvuût Now DARK Power, This strannaa money - and people wonder Madzin - raskroet many secrets and srazitsâ with polčiŝami poroždenij darkness.

The main Gero games - leader, sposobnomu ponimat language animal, - predstoit Svoi Combine Forces to ogromnym wonder - Mazzini. In this ancient time BYLY Straz zaŝiŝal Kingdom via neimovernoj strength and mystical sposobnostej. When side okutala TMA, Madzin Century was at the head of Locked in the castle. On the minute, when Chief Hero osvobodit their new second, beam nadeždy zasiâet in the dark.

The basis of success - slažennye actions personažej. Chief Hero together and Madzin vypolnâtʹ sophisticated combinations can shock and inflict darkness Voina much more značitelʹnyj dive.

The main Gero pridetsâ solved puzzles, exercise wonders of acrobatics, nezametno prokradyvatʹsâ by opponents and of course sražatʹsâ.

Heroes Projdet by its beautiful and tainstvennoj hand, where skazka stanovitsa bylʹû a reality pohoža the son.


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