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Deadly Premonition - The Director's Cut ( PS3 )


Name game: Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut

Release Date: April 23, 2013

Platform: PS3

Publisher: Rising Star Games

Developer: Access Games

Genre: Adventure

Localization: English

Publication Type: License

File Size: 11.34 GB

Firmware: CFW 4.xx

Rated PEGI: 18 +

Rating ESRB: M

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut for PS3 will receive an updated control system with full support for PlayStation Move, support for stereoscopic 3D, a completely new scenarios, improved game camera, as well as additional content.

Deadly Premonition game tells the story of the investigation of the mysterious murder of a young girl named Anna Graham, which occurred in an isolated from the outside world provincial creepy town called Grinveyl. In the role of a special agent of the FBI York, you have to investigate a murder in a fully open to explore the town, filled with locals. Life here is their own. However, it is unlikely that investigation will seem typical for the FBI. Creepy smile York agent, his attachment to the cups of coffee, and the fact that throughout the game, he talks to an invisible man named Zack said that he York in Deadly Premonition is a big mystery.

Gameplay involves a real cycle of day and night, residents can trapeznichat, sleep, move around the city on your individual schedule. Agent York is no exception - it has to look for food, dress, sleep between the points of its investigation. It is these routine duties and tasks to assist developers to create an environment in which gamers will really immerse themselves in the life of his character.

In the Director's Cut a large part of the gaming experience remains intact. All players will also have to interview people around town, look for clues and participate in the fight against the mysterious "shadowlike" creatures that will ultimately help solve a series of murders. Still working on some improvements underway. The developers are making efforts to improve the visual style of the game. Textures are more detailed, improved lighting, but the character models and the overall geometry of the world, in general, remain the same. So wait for complete and full graphics conversion still not worth it.








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