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Defiance (PS3)


Game Name: Defiance

Release Date: March 27, 2013

Platform: PS3

Publisher: Trion Worlds

Developer: Trion Worlds

Genre: MMO Shooter

Localization: English, German, French

Publication Type: License

File Size: 5.70 GB

Firmware: CFW 4.30 +

Rated PEGI: 18 +

Rating ESRB: M

Defiance - game in the genre of multiplayer third-person shooter, the world is closely associated with the popular television series of the same name. The main feature is the ability to Defiance simultaneous players on a single server, using a variety of platforms. So, on the virtual battlefields of futuristic post-apocalyptic world Defiance users can simultaneously converge PS3 and Xbox360.

The game develops in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco after a significant change in the planet's climate, which led to the destruction of some species and the emergence of others. Some alien species have come to Earth to learn a new world and make the planet their home. After a brutal war for the planet humans and aliens Wotan agreed to peaceful coexistence. World Defiance is often shaken by new incursions and sudden events.

Defiance players are hunters new advanced alien technology that can be found and studied in the Bay Area. In addition to the main storyline, players will take part in a variety of adverse events in order to gain experience, earn money and improve their position in the fantasy world of Defiance. The game Defiance is closely linked to what is happening in the TV series.

Features Defiance

A pioneer in its genre. Defiance is the first game in the genre 3PSMMO. Players will enjoy a huge world, living their lives, with lots of quests and enemies.

Communication with the series. Events gaming world depend on what happens in the eponymous television series. For example, if the new series it is a matter for another invasion, the world's Defiance time to prepare for the same.

Total freedom of action. Players have the ability to perform story missions, engage in random events, to fight in pvp battles and engage in a favorite thing Ark Hunter, searching for new extraterrestrial technology.

Character Customization. Early in the game you need to create your own character, choose a race, gender, adjust the external features of the character and decide on his origins.

Arsenal and the ability of the characters. Characters have access to a huge variety of weapons, ranging from pistols and grenades, ending the super-powered grenade launchers and machine guns. The game has a system for the modernization and improvement of weapons, as well as a unique development of unique abilities of the characters that help to survive in a cruel virtual world.

System of characters. In Defiance no standard system of levels, it is replaced by a power rating that determines the range of subjects available for this character.










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